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Post diagnostic services

We know that the assessment phase can be frustrating for families who have often waited a long time for help and that often they then feel that there is limited intervention or support post-diagnosis. 

What makes us different from other services is that we offer appropriate and evidence-based interventions for the whole family.

We develop a bespoke intervention plan alongside the whole family to fit a young person's individual needs. Examples of what we might recommend are outlined below:

  • An intervention package involving occupational therapy, psychosocial interventions, family work, and advice and support for education and/or work based environments. 

Family Quality Time
  • Specialist parenting approaches such as Non-Violent Resistance (NVR). This approach offers a series of tools and techniques to support parents and carers of children / young people who display challenging attitudes and behaviours. Tools introduce the principles of "connection before correction". As parents gain greater confidence and self-control, this enables difficult issues to be addressed in an effective manner through a process of increasing parental presence. 

Home School
  • An intervention package to help an education or work provision develop therapeutic learning strategies for a young person.

Chess Playing
  • Specialist systemic family psychotherapy can include assessments and therapeutic support in order to reduce parental conflict, enable parents to have a better understanding of their children’s needs and support the development of a robust co-parenting relationship.

Girl at the female therapist
  • A therapeutic package delivering psychosocial, occupational therapy and family therapy strategies to reduce symptoms of poor mental health such as anxiety or depression.

Support Group
  • Specialist Occupational Therapy assessment and intervention is carried out via Shoreline Occupational Therapy and can include Sensory Integration and processing assessment, emotional dysregulation interventions, coordination and motor skills (including fine motor) assessment and intervention. 

Katherine Russell: 07891241818

Advanced Occupational Therapist 



To get in touch please contact us on either the email address or one of the telephone numbers below for an initial free consultation. 

Leigh Moriarty : 07769261452

Systemic Family Therapist 



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